May 4, 2015

Hello lovelies,

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog and think it’s kind of neat, I just wanted to make a little update that Fandom Fitness has gone on a bit of a hiatus as I sort out life things. I’m still active in the community and looking forward to teaching at and attending cons! Blog updates, however, will come as I find time.

Check out my contacts page for my Facebook and twitter links, that’s where I post most of my rambles and updates. 😀

To Be Continued

Press Start to Update

June 13, 2014

So back in October I said I had some amazing news to announce and it’s taken me this long to sort things out…

I, along with Fandom Fitness, have moved to Australia!


Yeaaaaaaaaah it’s been a heck of a journey to get here but things are starting to settle down. Still trying to get a feel for the convention scene here. There’s one called Supanova this weekend that I’ll try to attend and then another called SMASH! in August.

Fandom Fitness has been on quite the hiatus because of my move (which if you were curious, had to do with a job opportunity…AND ADVENTURE!). I really really REALLY hope to get it back up and running ASAP.

Until then, please enjoy this sweet sweet Okami remix that I’ve been working out to lately. If you’ve never played Okami, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW AND PLAY IT. RIGHT NOW. And don’t forget to exercise regularly and takes breaks while playing! :3



Later, mates!


To Be Continued

Man, I really want to play some Guild Wars 2…

But I’m supposed to do my strength training today…

HEY. I should just work our RIGHT NOW…then I can GW2 it up all I want, guilt free!

*puts sneakers on*


To Be Continued

Spartan Race Pictures

July 3, 2013

Here’s a gallery full of pictures from my Spartan Race adventure! Some are my own pics and the rest were taken by a Spartan Race staff photographer. WEETABIX! YEAAAAAH!

The charming troll you see in some of the pictures is my good friend, the Aussie Battler. (I let him pick his nickname…he thought it was funny…yeesh.) He is one of many friends that accompany me on my fitness journeys!



To Be Continued

See you later, Wheat.

March 23, 2013

A few weeks ago my super awesome roommate gave me a book to read called Wheat Belly. I’ve always known that reducing the amount of “carbs” I consume is beneficial to maintaining a healthy body weight, but this book BLEW MY MIND.

I won’t bombard you with the nitty-gritty details but I WILL recommend the read. Who knows…it might inspire you to pay more attention to what goes into the foods you consume!

Although I’m not allergic to wheat, the science behind the book has convinced me to back off of the grain quite a bit. It’s worth a try, eh?

If anything, I can make up for the lack of eating bread by getting one of these adorable cuties!



Dawwwwwwww. ❤



To Be Continued

March 4, 2013

Finally able to exercise again! Take THAT bronchitis!

Anyway…I needed to start slow so I found an awesome beginner body weight routine over at Nerd Fitness.

It’s an nice mix and the difficulty levels are adjustable.


So now I’m feeling…





To Be Continued

Om Noms

February 18, 2013

Meant to update more but then I caught acute bronchitis.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

It put me out for a while and I wasn’t allowed to work out. It’s been strange just…existing. It’s a good feeling when you miss working out.

If there’s one positive thing I can say about being sick, it’s that you really have to pay attention and control what you eat. You need all the nutrients you can get to fight off the sickness, but lack of appetite makes that tricky. Eating poorly also results in worsening the sick conditions.

To replace the workouts I was missing, I hunkered down and cleaned up some eating habits that had gone astray. Still feeling a little out of sorts, but the changes I’ve made to my food consumption have perked me up and given me a fighting chance in times of need.

Take some advice from Sanji:

Poitrine Shoot!!!


To Be Continued


December 9, 2012

I’m starting a “new years resolution” early because we shouldn’t have to wait for a specific day to change our lives.

I haven’t been nearly as active in the anime community as I’d hoped upon my return to Canada and my posting has suffered because of it.

I keep a file of writings stashed away somewhere, full of potential posts that are never quite perfect enough to submit. I hold off and hold off and end up writing super long posts every month or so and I’d like to start writing more frequently (perhaps with smaller substance).

Challenge accepted. We shall see, internets, we shall see!

What about you guys? Is there anything you’ve been putting off doing? Go do it! Ganbatte!

To Be Continued

I’m going to sprinkle some magic time dust on this post to make it seem like I actually posted this on the 4th…

It’s sharing time because I like being honest with you guys.
Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been to the dark side…

…of health & fitness that is.

I mentioned in a previous post that since moving back to Canada, my routine has been…well let’s say it went the way of Alderaan. *EXPLOSION*

Back in February my work load changed as well as my social life.
14 hour work days and incredibly social coworkers did quite the number on me. It was WAY too easy to say “today’s been hard…I’m going to treat myself.” Treating oneself is great!…But during a routine change it’s easy to think that every day is “tougher.”

Before my move I was proud of my heath. It got me thinking: “I’m in shape! A little cheat here won’t hurt, eh? And a little cheat there? What’s the harm?”
The harm, silent as an assassin, was the degeneration of my good habits.

So like I said, I was seduced by the dark side and it was nice for a while. There was power with lack of responsibility but something started to feel wrong.  When I was in better shape I had complete control over my mind and body and since slipping into the dark I’ve suddenly stopped feeling like myself. Trying to put it into words…I stopped feeling comfortable in my own skin. Lack of exercise and poor nutrition choices had come down upon me like a smiting Emperor.

Luckily I have a plethora of Jedi-like inspirations (to name a few: my own ambitions in life, the White Lantern Corps, and generally everyone I’ve met through Fandom Fitness). You guys make me want to excel as a person so, proverbial lightsaber a-swingin’, I’ve decided to face off with my bad habits in Cloud City.

And, instead of getting my hand cut off, I will shed these bad habits as epically as possible!

In anticipation of the upcoming Guild Wars 2 release, I’ve been replaying the original Guild Wars. During one of the missions a character stated:
“You know what I’ve said about sticking to the plan? When the situation changes, get a new plan.”
It’s like the game wanted to remind me of how to deal with a fitness slump! Change things up!

As of yesterday I’ve started a new personal challenge. I’m going to be completing the Spartacus 2.0 workout 3 times a week (look forward to a review!) and I will be tracking everything along the way.
I will be using the scale as a guideline; however I’m more interested in monitoring my strength as well as once again feeling comfortable in my own skin.

So May the 4th be with you, my loves, and remember: We constantly strive to live in balance with both the dark and light sides of life. We aren’t perfect or robots or anything of the like; so whenever you feel like you’ve slipped too far over into the dark, don’t give up hope! We’ve got each other’s backs, remember?

GLaDOS to be Still Alive

February 13, 2012

Hello my lovelies!

I would like to extend a very heart-felt apology for my absence from not only this site but from my general Fandom Fitness duties as well. You see, a lot has happened this month!

Greetings from Canada!

This month I…

-Moved from the US to Canada.

-Went back and forth between two cities for job interviews.

-Got a job. (A really good one. Like seriously guys… this job is definitely a step up for me and is altogether TERRIFYING and THRILLING at the same time.

As Philip J. Fry would say: “I’m rolling up the corporate ramp!” (Except replace corporate with technical theater, hah.)

-Searched for and found a new place to live.

-Moved AGAIN to the city where my new job is.

-Started work mid-production. (Talk about trial by fire…)

I’ve also had four people in my life pass away in the span of one week. (Most recently, my grandmother.)

Needless to say my mind has been a little “OK STOP. STOP IT. NO ONE ELSE, OK?!”

SO…in view of the circumstances I haven’t really worked out at all this month and in result I have gained some weight.

What am I going to do about it?

I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to complain about how ‘fat’ I feel and I most certainly WILL NOT crash diet. When I get a handle on my life I will do what I’ve always done: exercise regularly and eat well.

As my buddy, Optimus Prime, once said: “Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.”

Sometimes the universe throws curve-balls at us and we fall off the wagon. There are hundreds of ways to get back on that wagon…which is yours?

I’m giving myself time to recover because I KNOW how fit I can be and I refuse to get all mopey if I falter a bit. I got there before and I can get there again.

SO BRING IT!! *cue Independence Day theme song*

Sometimes, I try to be as cool as Franky. SUUUUPEEEEERRRR!

In other news, Megacon is next weekend…which is the 1st major convention I will be missing this year due to my move. It will also be the 1st con that I can’t attend with Lacy from Nerd Yoga, which is unfortunate because she has an AWESOME cosplay. (Who am I kidding? They’re all awesome.) I hope everyone has fun and I will put on my scheming hat to plan a trip down south for a summer con. :3

So now…on my first real day off in a month, I sit here writing to you lovely folk. It’s so nice to see you all again!  As soon as I post this I will do a core workout and then settle down for an evening of Revolutionary Girl Utena. ❤ (Yeah, I’m weird. Get over it.)

Forever yours,

Covert Fangirl