“Once upon a time there was a fangirl whose love for anime and videogames led her to an overweight and near vegetative state. One fateful day she realized, “well geez, most of the characters I idolize in these shows are ambitious, in shape, and living life!” Thus was born the tale of her transformation from an out of shape anime enthusiast to a fitness fanatic.”

[Insert epic transformation music and a lot of shouting.]

What is my passion? My passion is to get out there and show people the awesomeness that is…A GEEK IN SHAPE!

I also teach nerdy aerobics. :3

I strive to host panels about my experiences and how anime inspired me to change my outlook on life. I absolutely love talking to fellow fans about the importance of an active lifestyle and good nutrition. I want to advocate CONFIDENCE because I know all too well how hard it can be to stay positive when one feels out of place. In my eyes, everyone is beautiful and everyone has the potential to jump-start a healthy and active lifestyle!


Pssst. Click HERE to travel back in time and view a more in-depth analysis of my background and history.

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