Anime Aerobics Playlist!

August 15, 2013

OK so here’s the deal. The following is a list of links that lead to the sources of music I used in my Anime Aerobics class. I need to point out that aerobics music is a little tricky and that you usually can’t just use a song in its original format (sometimes you can, and it’s amazing). I’ve taken these songs and spliced them down to a 4/4 count to ensure continuity during the class. I’ve also sped up/slowed down some of the tracks.

This being said, some of the direct links will be great for workout music and some of them will be too slow. All of them will most likely not have a continuous 4/4 count.
Because of this, I’ve uploaded my actual class music file on SoundCloud!

Although I spent many hard hours editing this beauty, I take absolutely no credit for creating the music itself. Music credit can be found through the YouTube links. 🙂

Anime Aerobics Playlist:

Cardio Boxing Warm-Up:
Attack On Titan Opening (Hip Hop Remix) by Sparks Dynamite

Battlecry by Nujabes – Samurai Champloo

Core Class:
Tetris Remix by DreamHack
Just Communication by Two-Mix – Gundam Wing
D. City Rock! by Teddy Loid featuring Debra Zeer – Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Tank! Remix by Luke Vibert – Cowboy Bebop
Butterfly by ON/OFF – Durarara
Change the World by V6 – InuYasha
Yuukyou Seishunka Remix by Exit Trance/KONEKO PROJECT – Code Geass
Legend of Zelda Remix by Technobase.FM2
Gerudo Valley (Trance Mix) by John Karingal – Ocarina of Time
Motteke! Sailor Fuku Electro Otome Chikku Mix by Ryosuke Nakanishi – Lucky Star
( )
Still Alive Remix by Castex – Portal

Additional Songs:
Moon Light Densetsu Remix by Anipara Kids – Sailor Moon
Dragon Soul Remix by Dizzi Mystica feat. MAKI – Dragon Ball Kai

Mugiwara Salsa
Hi Ho Ready Go – One Piece

Legend of Zelda Bachata
Gerudo Valley Orchestrated by Z.R.E.O. – Ocarina of Time

Cool Down:
Kesenai Tsumi Slow Remix by Nan Kitade – Fullmetal Alchemist
The Real Folk Blues by The Seatbelts – Cowboy Bebop

Hope you enjoy! My next post will be a breakdown of the moves we learnt during the class. Some pictures are also on their way! ❤


To Be Continued

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