June 22, 2013

Hi guys!

It’s been a craaaazy week for me so I’m a little late on my weekly post.


I’m excited/proud to say that last Sunday I competed in the SPARTAN RACE!!! HA-OOH!
It was a 6.7km/15+ obstacle race, in which 50% of the run was spent ascending steep, muddy ski hills. Yikes!

It took all of my physical and mental strength to get through, but I gone and dun it.

So there was a pretty difficult obstacle at the summit of the second hill. I was exhausted and ready to collapse but then this amazing thing happened…it was even documented!

Check it out!

………….Ok, so that was Luffy…and pretend that Blueno is the obstacle…but the emotions and yelling were essentially the same. SIDE PUNCH! *puts hat back on*

Seriously though…it was intense. I will post more about the experience at a later date but for now, enjoy this picture of me post-race.


gomu gomu no…

Until next time!

To Be Continued


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