Spartacus 2.0 Review

July 30, 2012

First of all I just wanted to say, have you been working out? Because you look amazing!

Today’s post is my attempt to give a little review on my experience with the Spartacus 2.0 workout. I recently hit a fitness plateau and felt like my regular regimen wasn’t quite doing it for me anymore. A good way to spice things up is to try new (but similar) workout routines to give your mind a break from the monotony.

Enter…the Spartacus workout!! *explosion*

To start off…I’ve always favored routines that involve rep and set numbers as opposed to timed circuits. This posed as a bit of a challenge for me because the Spartacus workout is done in timed intervals.

I personally felt like I was too busy looking at the clock to give all of my attention to the moves (even when I had a buzzer set up to alert me)…The good thing is that I can always fix that in the future by getting a better watch or better yet, working out with a buddy who can call out the intervals!

Putting that personal preference aside, I found the Spartacus 2.0 quite fulfilling and versatile. I won’t get into too many specifics on how the actual exercises work, but for more information check out the descriptions here!

[CF Note: Yes, it’s a Men’s Health article; however the workout was created by a woman who seems to have an incredible understanding for the physiology of all genders. So ladies AND gents? Get to it!]

All in all it was a nice little package. The exercises are meant to work your entire body all at once so you don’t have to spend a lot of time isolating every muscle group one by one. It didn’t take too long (roughly 45 minutes for me) and the strength training/cardio aspects were equally balanced. I wasn’t exhausted but my heart rate was definitely elevated!

I need to stress that it’s good to go over every exercise before starting to make sure your posture is correct. Get a feel for the moves and see if any of them make you uncomfortable. I noticed that some of the moves had a medium risk of back strain…but after I slowly tried them out, corrected my posture, and got my bearings I then had no trouble with strains. If you still have concerns about your posture, try searching for videos of the exercises being performed! The internet is cool, yo.

One thing I missed in the routine was an included warm up/cool down. I have a handful of warm ups that I know, but it would have been neat if the workout included a couple of moves or stretches. It’s never good to jump right into the main event. If you’re short on warm up material…I’d recommend taking the first circuit slow, making sure to go through every range of motion properly to a) warm up and b) become familiar with the moves to avoid doing them improperly and risking injury.

Because I’m not a superhero yet, I always modify moves if they’re above my strength or stamina level. When I feel I’ve surpassed the modifications, I will build my way up to the original move. Step by step!

For example, in exercise 2.2, I took out the push ups in the movement. In 2.3 I sometimes hold on to something for balance (to allow proper posture). In the final exercise I do a couple of jump squats, however to protect my knees I do the remainder of the move as simple squats. I strongly believe that although we should push ourselves, we should always work realistically and build up our abilities instead of jumping right into professional athletic moves.

Although I probably won’t make the Spartacus 2.0 my main strength training routine, it definitely helped me get out of my rut and I will continue to use it when I need a change of pace!

That’s all for today my dears. I have exciting things coming up and will post about them soon!

Stay fabulous. ❤


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