May the 4th be with you!

May 5, 2012

I’m going to sprinkle some magic time dust on this post to make it seem like I actually posted this on the 4th…

It’s sharing time because I like being honest with you guys.
Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been to the dark side…

…of health & fitness that is.

I mentioned in a previous post that since moving back to Canada, my routine has been…well let’s say it went the way of Alderaan. *EXPLOSION*

Back in February my work load changed as well as my social life.
14 hour work days and incredibly social coworkers did quite the number on me. It was WAY too easy to say “today’s been hard…I’m going to treat myself.” Treating oneself is great!…But during a routine change it’s easy to think that every day is “tougher.”

Before my move I was proud of my heath. It got me thinking: “I’m in shape! A little cheat here won’t hurt, eh? And a little cheat there? What’s the harm?”
The harm, silent as an assassin, was the degeneration of my good habits.

So like I said, I was seduced by the dark side and it was nice for a while. There was power with lack of responsibility but something started to feel wrong.  When I was in better shape I had complete control over my mind and body and since slipping into the dark I’ve suddenly stopped feeling like myself. Trying to put it into words…I stopped feeling comfortable in my own skin. Lack of exercise and poor nutrition choices had come down upon me like a smiting Emperor.

Luckily I have a plethora of Jedi-like inspirations (to name a few: my own ambitions in life, the White Lantern Corps, and generally everyone I’ve met through Fandom Fitness). You guys make me want to excel as a person so, proverbial lightsaber a-swingin’, I’ve decided to face off with my bad habits in Cloud City.

And, instead of getting my hand cut off, I will shed these bad habits as epically as possible!

In anticipation of the upcoming Guild Wars 2 release, I’ve been replaying the original Guild Wars. During one of the missions a character stated:
“You know what I’ve said about sticking to the plan? When the situation changes, get a new plan.”
It’s like the game wanted to remind me of how to deal with a fitness slump! Change things up!

As of yesterday I’ve started a new personal challenge. I’m going to be completing the Spartacus 2.0 workout 3 times a week (look forward to a review!) and I will be tracking everything along the way.
I will be using the scale as a guideline; however I’m more interested in monitoring my strength as well as once again feeling comfortable in my own skin.

So May the 4th be with you, my loves, and remember: We constantly strive to live in balance with both the dark and light sides of life. We aren’t perfect or robots or anything of the like; so whenever you feel like you’ve slipped too far over into the dark, don’t give up hope! We’ve got each other’s backs, remember?


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