Fandom Fitness Feature #2

March 19, 2012

Alright guys! Time for another F^3 (Fandom Fitness Feature).

I was lucky enough to have met this month’s victim back when Fandom Fitness was just a wee bud. She’s been so essential and supportive to my project and for that I am eternally thankful. We braved Anime Festival Orlando, EXPCon and Holiday Matsuri together…on top of running classes at A Comic Shop for the White Lantern Corps: Health & Fitness Group (she teaches yoga classes for the group…classes that may include magical transformations and nerdy music).

While I was running around conventions in a dorky Nyan outfit, she was there busting out cool yoga poses in her various cosplays. I consider her a kindred spirit who also believes in the awesomeness of a geek in shape…and I’m 100% certain that if she took an arrow to the knee, she would still be an adventurer.

Long story short, she runs on pure cool fuel.

Ladies and gentlemen:

Fandom Fitness Feature #2

Name and/or Nickname: Lacifur

Occupation: Yoga student and teacher.
Favorite Anime: Detroit Metal City
Favorite Video Game: Silent Hill 2 (PS2)
Weapon of Choice: Bow & Arrow
Limit Break: Death Records President Vrksasana

[CF Edit: Vrksasana is Sanskrit for Tree Pose! Neat-o.]

“Ok, so tell us a little bit about yourself.”

I teach an alignment-based style of yoga with an emphasis on playfulness.  In addition to my studio-based classes, I share yoga monthly at A Comic Shop‘s White Lantern Corps: Health & Fitness Group and will soon begin teaching at various anime/comic conventions.  I started my own yoga practice over 10 years ago and continue to experience the fervent beauty it invites into my life.

“What inspired you to get on the health and fitness train?”

I first practiced yoga when I started college, because it was offered in the campus recreation center.  Asana practice was a gateway to engagement in any physical activity for me, but I have experienced countless other mental and emotional benefits.  I see the entire experience as holistic.  One joy in fitness is our ability to get out of our brains and into our bodies for a period of time.  This can help us see a broader perspective to life and set clearer intentions for our actions.

“Do you ever encounter fitness roadblocks? If so, how do you deal with them?”

I think, like many people, I sometimes get too serious in my practice.  I have learned that if I cannot step back and laugh at circumstances, then I need to take back my practice and not push so hard.  I like to keep my practice juicy and enjoyable. 

“Which anime/videogame character most inspires you and why?

Great Teacher Onizuka, of course.  I want to do 1,000 burpees with him.  And then kick some bullies’ asses.

“Off the top of your head, name an anime/videogame character or series that makes you think of fitness.”

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

“Why are you so awesome?!”

Because I post video game, anime, comic, art, and science-flavored yoga on my Nerd Yoga blog.

[CF Edit: It’s so true! *giggles like a schoolgirl with a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio*]

“Any advice for your fellow fitness fans?”

The goal is not ahead of you but wherever you stand in your practice.  See the joy in the process.

“Ok, now say something random to finish this off!”

Ganta cheer!

Lacifur cosplaying as Scarlet. I give this two Nyans up.


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