Fandom Fitness Feature #1

November 15, 2011


Look guys, my first interview! (Feel free to print this out and put it on your fridge with pride.Just make sure you use the star magnet.)

I met my first victim, Raymond, at EXPCon a couple of weeks ago (he is the con’s events coordinator). My favorite part about Raymond is his “I’m not done yet” attitude. While passing along his before & after pictures to me he mentioned “I’ll probably give you updated pics as I close in on my goal.” I love this because despite already accomplishing so much, he’s not willing to stop after reaching just one goal. There is a constant strive for him to, as they say, up his ante.

So without further ado…

Fandom Fitness Feature #1 [throws confetti]

Name and/or Nickname: Raymond Madamba / Madarc
Occupation: Graphic Design
Favourite Anime: Gurren Lagann / Yotsuba&
Favourite Video Game: Final Fantasy VIII / Assassin’s Creed
Weapon of Choice: Wired Xbox 360 Controller
Limit Break: Jumbo Beam

Before & After

“Ok, so tell us a little bit about yourself.”

I’m a 20-something graphic designer that loves to play video games and nerd about other stuff. I spent most of my childhood growing up as a navy brat in a couple parts of Japan and have a somewhat intimate knowledge of the culture, but awful ignorance of most of the language. *shamefaced* I enjoy making stuff with my hands and consider myself a fairly creative individual. I’ve been doing computer graphic arts in one form or another for about 10 years now and continually try to improve myself as an artist.

“What inspired you to get on the health and fitness train?”

I was always pretty good at helping friends with their costumes and props, but never felt that I could really come up with anything for myself. Being the stickler for accuracy that I was, there were very few characters I would even consider cosplaying in the shape that I was in. That, compounded by my ever worsening eating and exercise habits, made me really force myself to start getting more active and eating healthier.

“What has been the hardest part of your journey so far and how do you deal with it?”

Moderation. It was tough cutting back on the amount of food I would eat on a meal by meal basis. Being of Asian descent, rice is a staple of my diet and I would eat as much as possible. I slowly worked myself down from 1 ½ cups of uncooked rice to only about ⅓ , which greatly reduced the amount of calories I would eat in a day. This, coupled with learning how to cook my own meals instead of throwing something in the microwave or driving to the nearest drive through, greatly helped me gain control of my appetite.

“What was the most important element of your change? (i.e. Eating habits? Working out with friends? Motivational posters adorned with kittens? Etc…)”

Teaching myself to eat smaller meals helped a lot. A friend of mine pointed me towards the Couch-to-5k plan, but when I first started running, I had no clue what I was doing really. I would either give up way to quickly or push myself harder then I should have. Having a few friends helping me keep pace and help guide me to actually reach my goals was a huge help. The mantra of “It hurts to run, but it hurts so much more to stop.” helped me break through the pain, and now I’m able to trust myself to accomplish the goals I set for myself that I wouldn’t have earlier.

“What anime/video game character most inspires you and why?”

The character Daizemon Kaze (a.k.a. Muscle Rider) from Gantz. Picture below should suffice.

Daizemon Kaze punching a dinosaur in the heart.

[Covert Fangirl note: HE’S PUNCHING A FREAKING DINOSAUR. @_@]

“Off the top of your head, name an anime/video game character or series that makes you think of fitness.”

The series Gantz is something that comes to mind. The opening theme song is there from the very beginning to get you pumped up and the action in the series is incredibly physical. Sadly, the opening was the best part of the anime since a lot of the pacing of the anime was mind-numbingly slow. In contrast, the manga is electrifying in how action packed it gets along with some emotional roller coasters, but overall a very physical series where the fittest survive.

“Any advice for your fellow fitness fans?”

If you’re just getting started, I highly recommend the Couch-to-5k running plan. Its incredibly simple to break into and with enough dedication you’ll start feeling better, have more energy, and start to see yourself transformed without even realizing it. Also, do your best to cut out junk food and LEARN HOW TO COOK. Seriously, I can not stress that enough. Its not hard, just buy a few basic seasonings and stay out of the frozen/processed food sections of your local supermarket. And lurk around online communities like and for quick recipes and easy cooking tips. Just start building on those basic foundations and you’ll be cooking up crazy delicious food that you never would have thought possible with your own hands.

“Ok, now say something random to finish this off!”



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