Heeeeeey there!

August 21, 2011


Soon enough I will start to post health and fitness related materials on this site but first I wanted to sit down with y’all and talk about how different my life has become since I embraced a healthy and active lifestyle. If I could pinpoint one specific catalyst that started everything, it would have to be my decision to alter my outlook on life. Although there are many, many factors involved with my change, two simple rules I learned roughly a year ago are most likely the culprits:

“Take no risks, live no life.”
This is the rough translation of an underlying theme throughout the anime/manga, One Piece. (In all honesty, I could probably dedicate an entire blog to the great morals and underlying themes found in One Piece…but we’ll start with this one!)

Similar to the theme above, Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Now to be perfectly clear, there is a huge difference between something that scares you and something that endangers you. Keep that in mind. The fear I’m referring to in this quote reflects the smaller things in life. I’m talking about taking realistic steps outside of your comfort zone in order to broaden your horizons.

Want an example? I used to be afraid of talking to strangers on the phone.

If I hadn’t met them in person, I would get tense and nervous. This affected my work life because generally speaking, I was required to make a lot of cold calls to clients and suppliers. So it scared me, right? Thinking back to the quote, I was constantly reminded that if I don’t overstep my comfort zone, I will never be able to grow as a person. I bit the bullet and forced myself to stop making excuses. I took every opportunity to charge headfirst against my insecurities (in this case, volunteering to make the calls instead of avoiding them).
Do I still hate talking on the phone? Of course! The only difference is that, despite how uncomfortable it was at first, I’m now totally cool with something that once scared me.

(If only my work phone was a cute den den mushi…)

This is just one example, and although I may not actually do something that scares me every day, I definitely challenge things that are beyond my comfort zone whenever possible. It works like a chain-reaction and you’ll be surprised at how far one bold action will take you.

One year ago I was a self-proclaimed lost cause.  I thought to myself “this is it, I’m no longer in shape and it’s impossible to get back to the way I was.” This was right before my decision to actively overstep my comfort zone.

So…taking risks, ehhhhh? Where did this mind-set take me over the course of one year?
Just by getting out there and doing things I’d normally shy away from I’ve not only found myself in better shape than ever before, but my journey there has been a blast.

One year ago, my idea to host fandom aerobics seemed like a fevered dream.
Three weeks ago I successfully taught my first class at a convention.

I won’t bore you with minute details, but if I hadn’t tackled some of my base fears and insecurities I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t have become a certified group fitness instructor. I wouldn’t have experienced what it feels like to reach and surpass a dream. I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people, received so much sage advice and generally lived life to its fullest.

If you asked me here and now if I felt like I could take on the world, my answer would be a resounding “yes.”

Not only did I fight my way back to a healthy state, I surpassed my life goals and then some.
And I need to make this perfectly clear: My life didn’t change for the better because I lost weight. It changed for the better because I changed my mind-set. It all started in my head and in the end, my actions harvested a valuable fruit. (A healthy and energetic lifestyle!)

Now I make goals to break them, not to sit around and dream about.



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