The first post is always the hardest…

June 29, 2011


Covert Fangirl signing on.

At this point there isn’t much traffic coming though the site but I wanted post something anyway to get the ball rolling! Alas, Fandom Fitness is still a youngling project so my ideas are a bit scattered. Regardless, little by little my passions and plans are falling into place and eventually something a bit more consistent will emerge on this site.

First and foremost I would like to offer up some of my own history. Ever since I was a little kid, anime, sci-fi and comic books have played an important role in my life. In fact, they are most likely the culprits responsible for my never-ending imagination and drive in life.

One of the first shows I ever remember watching was Samurai Pizza Cats, followed close by DBZ and a bit later on, Sailor Moon. As I aged, my repertoire grew with shows like Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, One Piece, Rurouni Kenshin…the list goes on.

A big part of my life’s story involves the fact that I was a dancer for 18 years. Because I started at a young age, I took the health benefits of being an athlete for granted to the point where I never really actively worked out and my nutritional habits were beyond unhealthy.

5 years ago I made a life-changing decision to become a theater technician.

Career-wise this was great because I loved working backstage, but you can imagine the shock my body went through when I stopped all that physical activity. A technician’s life is an odd mix of physical labor and a lot of sitting around. Stress was abundant and my poor knowledge in nutrition wasn’t helping. I would go to work and then come home, drink beer and watch TV/play video games. That’s it. I had essentially gone from athlete to couch potato.

In this turbulent time of transition I gained a significant amount of weight and became more uninspired and depressed than ever before. My confidence and health kept spiraling downward until one day I had an unexpected epiphany.

I believe it happened during a rather inspirational episode of One Piece, when I thought to myself: “Hey, maybe if I start being as daring and ambitious as the anime characters I admire, then maybe I could make something of myself.”

I began paying closer attention to characters such as Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, Vash the Stampede from Trigun and Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club. I knew that I could never really become those characters, but I tried to incorporate their morals and values into my daily life. Surprisingly over time I became a much more positive person.

My all-time favorite motivational character is Luffy from Once Piece, since he is the perfect example of a personality that doesn’t lose face in tough situations.

The one thing people often miss is that heroes go through rough times. They fail. They get hurt. What separates them from the rest is that they have the guts and ambition to brush off the dirt and persevere through their failures.

It took me a long time to realize this and adopt this positive attitude, but now if I really put my mind to it, in time I can accomplish a lot.

The motivational tales I encountered in anime weren’t the only driving forces to my change. I also used anime and videogame music for motivational support.

I never really liked going to the gym to work out on the machines. It made me feel like a hamster (not the fun Hamtaro kind…the boring kind that goes round and round on a wheel). Being able to listen to epic anime music really kept me motivated and turned my fitness routine into a pleasure, not punishment! The music also perked me up on gloomy days and got my head in the game whenever I encountered a road block in life.

Where was I going with this? Oh, right!

Long story short, I got off my butt, started living life more fully and along the way I figured out how to get back in shape the healthy way. Despite running into hard times (and trust me, no normal human can evade hard times), I’ve been able to stay motivated thanks to anime and the wonderful people I’ve met through conventions and forums. I want to share my experiences with other fans and encourage them to find that wonderful balance between watching anime/playing videogames and living an active and healthy life!

I’ve already hosted a Fandom Fitness panel at MetroCon where I talked about my experiences and gave realistic tips on jump-starting a healthy lifestyle. My ultimate goal right now is to host a cosplay aerobics class at conventions where attendees can bust a move to anime music. It’s all part of the Fandom Fitness awareness project, but mostly I think an anime-themed aerobics class would be super fun!!!

And there you have it: the tip of the iceberg. Those who have ventured here to read my tale will have noticed by now that I WRITE A LOT. This post ends now before it becomes a novel, but more shall come!

Covert Fangirl signing off.


4 Responses to “The first post is always the hardest…”

  1. Why no shout out for my site????? Kidding any way great post i had an idea maybe we could open a club for your aerobics and other stuff so others can meet and make friends and get healthy. I would love to work on somthing like that to bring fans together. I am so lucky to have met you your a great girl and a great friend even though we dont chat alot. Maybe i was wrong to ask you out your kinda like a big sister in a way. Lol take care girl maybe we can hang out some time.

  2. Haha, I posted a link to your site! When more people are visiting this site I’ll drop a props to RLG.
    A club would be AMAZING, but my work schedule is very tight. Planning out meeting times would be difficult, but maybe sometime in the future!
    I’ll be taking my only time off this month to go to AFO so I’ll for sure see you there!


  3. […] go into detail about my lifestyle change in a previous post so I’ll keep this one short. The simple answer would be that instead of sitting on the couch and […]

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